Byron Park District Board of Commissioners Approves PE Center Expansion and Renovation Plan

Wed May 6, 2020

Byron Park District Board of Commissioners Approves PE Center Expansion and Renovation Plan

At a special meeting on Monday, May 4, the Byron Park District Board approved the final plans for expanding the Byron PE Center and renovating several areas used by the Park District.  The Byron Park District utilizes the Byron School District’s PE Center to offer recreation facilities and programs to the community through an Intergovernmental Agreement.  The final plan, which was agreed upon by the Byron Park District Board and the Byron School Board fully separates the general public from the students during the school day.  The addition consists of a new fitness center, two new dance/aerobics studios, a new entrance area, a new registration and staff office area, and an expanded parking lot. The renovation areas include additional space for the Tiger Den before/after school program and summer camp, public locker rooms, and interior hallways.

The approximately $4.6 million project will be funded by the Byron Park District utilizing alternate bonds which were issued in January of 2020.  The bonds will be repaid through the existing annual capital improvement fund and will not result in an increase to the Park District’s annual property tax levy. Russell Construction has been approved as the Construction Manager for the Project and several local contractors have been approved.  The contractors are: Martin & Company, Rudolph Masonry, Koja Construction, Sjostrom & Sons, Sterling Commercial Roofing, Rock Valley Glass, Boss Carpet One, Northern Illinois Terrazzo & Tile, Nelson Fire Protection, MOST Plumbing & Mechanical, Total Plumbing & Heating, and Engel Electric.  Construction will begin in early June and is expected to be completed in early 2021. For further information, please contact Byron Park District Executive Director, Paul Zepezauer at 815-234-6277 or


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